Canyoning in Asturias (Northern Spain)

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Canyoning in National Park "Picos de Europa" (Asturias - Northern Spain).

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One of the most fun and exciting activities you can do in Asturias, is Canyoning. Being surrounded by a sttuning setting at the same time you are rapelling, or going down natural slides, is what makes it so successful.

The activity is done near “Picos de Europa” National Park, in the high part of the “Sella” and “Cares” rivers, in Asturias. “El Vallegón”, “Carangas” and “Viboli”, in Sella river valley or “Rubó” and “La Molina” in Cares river valley, are the options you have got.

Which of those canyons arer you going to do? It depends on the level of difficulty and the weather conditions. Our Mountain and Canyoning guides will decide it. They also will be and help you at every moment. The activity will be done with all safety measures needed.

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Resources and Material that we provide

  • People from our staff (very highly experienced canyoning guides)
  • Vehicles to make transfers from our headquarters to the canyon and take you back again
  • Helmet
  • Canyoning rope
  • Harness
  • Neoprene wetsuit for all the body + neoprene jacket
  • Neoprene socks

Material you need to bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Shoes suitable for water (for example used trainers that you can get wet or mountain boots)
  • Clothes and shoes to change into, after the activity
  • Towel

We advise that...

  • At our headquarters in Arriondas, we will provide you of all materials needed, and we will take you to the canyon.
  • When activity ends, we will take you back to our headquarters, so you can take a hot shower and change into your clothes
  • Canyon you will do it, is choosen by our guides. It will depend on the weather and the level of the river.
  • It is mandatory being able to swim.
  • For advanced and very high levels, you need to make your reservation at least two days before the date you choose, to do the activity.
  • If bad weather conditions are expected, perhaps won’t be possible to do the activity.
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Four levels

Low Level
"Rubó" Canyon

  • For families with children from the age 6 years old, providing they are able to swim.
  • Activity starts at 09:30 AM – return at 01:30 – 02:00 PM
  • Min.: 5 people
  • Price: 40€ / person

Medium Level
"El Vallegón" / "Carangas" / "La Molina" Canyons

  • For people without or low experiencie
  • The canyon has got rapels, natural slides and pools where you can jump into
  • Activity starts at 09:30 AM – return at 01:30 PM
  • Min.: 2 people
  • Price: 40€ / person

Advanced Level
"Rubó" (full) or "Viboli" Canyons

  • For experienced people
  • activity starts at 09:30 AM – return at 01:30 – 02:00 PM
  • Min.: 5 people
  • Max.: 16 people
  • Price: 50€ / person

Very High Level
"Carangas" (full) Canyon

  • for very high experienced people
  • mandatory you have done, levels medium and advanced with us
  • activity starts at 09:30 AM – return 06:00 PM
  • Min.: 5 people
  • Max.: 10 people
  • Price: 70€  / person

Canyoning inside a Cave
"Purón" Cave

  • activity starts at 09:30 AM – return 03:00 PM
  • Min.: 6 people
  • Price: 60€ / person
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